Caitlin is best known among her friends for two things:  (1) for bringing runners together and (2) for eating like a rabbit.  In every city she lives in, Caitlin builds a community of runners together and helps each of them make new friends and, as an extra bonus, achieve their goals. Caitlin coordinates group runs so that no one ever has to train alone.  

Caitlin understands the power of plant-based nutrition.  Raised as a vegetarian by organic farmers, Caitlin grew up in  a family of runners.  Caitlin's parents competed at numerous Boston Marathons while her older siblings all ran in high school.  This had an obvious influence on the trajectory of Caitlin's own career as an athlete - from running at Illinois state meets to earning a scholarship at Wake Forest to running her first marathon.  

After college, Caitlin began working full time at Bank of America. To ease the transition from college, she needed an outlet to feel connected.   Eventually, she co-founded the Charlotte Running Club with two of her best friends.  Members of this club were an integral part of her training regime leading up to qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon. 

Caitlin knows how to manage her time effectively.  After all, she continued to train for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon, while still working as a Product Manager at BOA and completing coursework for an MBA from Duke.  This rigorous schedule taught Caitlin that if you really are passionate about something, you can always make time for it.  

Currently in the Bay Area, Caitlin continues to work, run, eat and sleep.  But outside of that, Caitlin enjoys lifting, rock climbing, hiking, camping, buying organic goodies at local farmers markets and cooking vegan treats.