Week in Review: 12/25/17

This week's stats:

  • 69 miles
  • 12M with 8KM in 30:10 via 1KM off/on: 350/327/405/329/427/320/410/319
  • 16M LR with miles 11 - 15 at 630-620 pace
  • 4 days in LA with my sister

Considering that I hopped on an airplane on Christmas day and spent 4 glorious days in the smog of LA, I'm really pleased with how this week went.  I spent tons of time with my sister, got in lots of vitamin D, biked to the beach, and opened up presents from my mom from Vitacost. 

Our family decided a couple years ago that it was too hectic to do gifts anymore for the whole family.  So, we stopped gift giving and opted instead for a family trip together at least once a year.  After all, gift giving was always more stressful than fun, especially for my brothers who never seemed to remember it was a holiday until Christmas Eve, when not only are the stores closed, but the deadline for Amazon 2-day shipping has passed.  This plan, of course, never applies to my mom.  She always breaks the rule and gets us gifts.  Of course, my heart melts that she does this.  And she's really mastered her skills.  This year she sent Vanessa and I a box full of goodies ranging from Bragg's Organic Seasoning, zuma soap bars (my favorite!), organic protein powder, macadamia nuts, chocolate covered almonds, coconut milk, a tea steeper, an insulated water bottle, and other various treats she could find all from vitacost.  

All of this being said, I spent my time in LA basically just eating all the treats she got us.  And it was fantastic!

By the time I got back to the bay area, it was time for me to focus my mind, finish the 1000-piece puzzle Jonah and I had started, and prepare for two trips to Texas.