Week in Review

This Week's Stats

  • 75 Miles
  • 14M with 9M tempo at 6:05 average via 557/611/611/557/610/608/554/609/605
  • 12M MLR
  • 21M long run with no water or gels
  • 0 days off
  • 2 rock climbing sessions
  • 1 lift day

Hey-o!  I just hit my highest mileage week for the 2017 year!  Didn't realize that I had kept my mileage at a relatively steady 60-65 miles per week over the first half of this year.  This definitely helped this higher mileage week feel even more respectable.  

Jumping right into marathon training means that the midweek workouts are always 14-16 miles with a large portion at goal marathon pace.  This week's workout called for 14 miles with 9 miles at 600-615-615 every 3 miles.  Despite getting a crappy night of sleep and sleeping through my alarm for five minutes, this workout went quite nicely.   I barely had enough time to get out the door on time to meet the large crew of Tom, Abhijeet, and Howard for the warmup,  and Jonah and Jay for the workout. Jonah ran with us for the first 3 miles, while Jay kept me company for the entirety. 

Lifting weights in an effort to stay healthy, fit and happy!

Lifting weights in an effort to stay healthy, fit and happy!

During the workout, it was surprisingly windy on the way out, which made the pace feel a bit tougher to hit than I would have expected.  But, that also meant that we had a light tailwind on the way back.  On the final 3 miles, we ran up behind Vitor.   It was easy to "convince" him to join us on our faster miles, even though he had just done some long race up a mountain.  After a little nudge, he was running alongside us, along for the fun. I was grateful for the unexpected company because Jay started falling off a tiny bit in the final 800 meters -- because he just got off a flight from Taiwan the night before.  In terms of effort level, the tempo felt pretty hard towards the end, but I also felt really strong in the sense that I could have gone for another 2 miles. But, I paid a price for a successful first marathon workout afterwards, because my stomach was a wreck all day.  

The rest of a week was pretty uneventful because I was getting ready to fly to Carbondale on Saturday in advance of the eclipse.  I convinced my crazy clan of dudes to keep me company on a no fuel long run.  The plan was for me to wake up, not eat anything, drink a tiny bit of water and start my run.  I added on 6 miles before grabbing Tom, Howard and Jonah for the remaining 15 miles.  The best part was that I did not drink any water during the long run, nor did I stop at all.  I also would like to note that doing these types of no fuel long runs would be impossible in NC or Southern Illinois during these humid summer days.  I feel really fortunate to be able to get these runs done in temperate California!