Week in Review

This Week's Stats

  • 61 Miles
  • 10M with 5M tempo via 620/605/601/558/558
  • 16.4M long run @ 7:00 pace average
  • 0 days off
  • 3 rock climbing sessions
  • 2 lift days

After heading into the week with a fair sense of apprehension, I'm pumped about how it turned out. My heel didn't freak out after a tempo, or after a long run just two days later!  

I spent the first part of the week gradually building up my daily mileage to 10 miles.  After that went well, I figured this would be a good time to get in some workouts with the Strava Track Club.  After a couple of texts back and forth with Tania, we decided to run a 5 mile tempo together.  I like running with Tania because she is exceptionally positive, talented and dedicated.  I'm really rooting for her to qualify for the marathon trials at CIM this year!

On Friday morning, a group of us gathered to run the tempo together at Baylands.  I brought Jonah along for the fun, and Tania brought along Christian - love when the running group gets bigger!  Dena came to provide pacing and coaching support to Tania (and for us as well - an added bonus!).  Tania's goal was to run 5 miles around 615 - 600, so we set off at a conversational pace that proved to be way too slow. After that, I moved to the front to push the pace.  I took on the role of pacer and felt responsible for the splits.  After all, I wanted to make sure Tania hit the times that Dena had outlined for her.  After mile 3, Jonah dropped off, and I stuck with Tania through mile 4 and then decided to push the pace a bit to continue to dip below 6:00.  Overall, everyone left the workout feeling pleased with the effort and happy with the company! 

On Sunday, the guys and I got in over 16 miles together, with the last 6 miles around 6:20-6:40 pace.  Afterwards, I decided impromptu to make everyone banana pancakes!  Max, Howard, Tom, Peter and I enjoyed some pancakes and fruit salad before heading over to the farmers together.  I wish that every Sunday long run could be this sweet!  Throughout the rest of the day, my heel was a little sore, but manageable.  Again, my heel feels best in running shoes, but the worst barefoot.  Crossing my fingers that the heel continues to stay strong throughout this next week!