Week in Review

This week’s stats

  • 81 Miles
  • 15M with 3M-3M-2M at 606/606/608 (3:32 jog rest) 557/603/556 (3:31 jog rest) 600/601
  • 12M MLR
  • 24.1M Long Run with 4M of 30s hard / 2:30 moderate
  • 4 days in Seattle
  • 0 days off


Sometimes one workout doesn’t go as expected and then, just a couple days later, a long run goes better than expected.  I’ve always adhered to a rule of not fretting over a bad workout for more than 24 hours, because things change that quickly.  Let’s be real:  I work full time and my body gets tired. I’m human.  So, on Tuesday, after a tough 6 days of solid workouts, I hit the Stevens Creek Trail for another hard effort with Jay.  It’s not surprising that 1) I went out too fast and that 2) I was tired in the final set of intervals and that therefore 3) I cut the workout short.  Not only did my legs feel like garbage, but my stomach was also wrecked so completely that I was physically incapable of running one more mile fast.  So, I didn’t.  I tried running another 100 meter at 600 pace, and my stomach protested, so I cooled down.  Afterwards, I assessed my effort at a B+ and continued looking forward to the next one:  my 24 mile long run. 

Seattle is one of my favorite cities to run in!

Seattle is one of my favorite cities to run in!

Four days later, Heather and I laced up our shoes and traversed the Seattle streets for 16 miles together.  Joining in for some of her light workout (she’s running Twin Cities Marathon in just two weeks), we ran 12 miles easy together, before picking up the pace for 30 seconds, and running 630-640 pace for 2:30.  We did this for the next 4 miles, along with Josh and another guy.  It was really fun and the weather was great.  After 16, all of my company dropped off, and I was left to complete another hour of running solo.  Unlike last year’s “time on feet” long run, this year I felt fantastic in the final 20 minutes.  In the last mile, I even had enough energy left to finish in 6:40 pace.  These longer runs are what really help me prepare mentally for a marathon and I’m really glad that my stomach didn’t give me any trouble. 

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating Jessie and Ryan’s wedding, while also taking care of Bella, Heather’s sweet dog. Peter and I had so much fun exploring Seattle on foot together too, so it was a very successful weekend.