Week in Review: 6/18/18

This week's stats:

  • 85 Miles
  • 3 Days in CLT
  • 13M with 4M tempo @ 543/544/537/535 + 8 x 45s hills with 3:00 jog
  • 13M with 3x2M @ 534/537 (2:16), 527/531 (2:16), 525/528 (4:00), 4 x 200m in 34/35
  • 17M with 2M warmup, 8M @ 650-620, 4M @ 6603/555/601/540, 2M CD
  • 2 Doubles / 0 Days off
  • 2 Lift days / 2 rock climbing days

Traveling to Charlotte in the middle of the summer won't stop me from getting in my miles! Hopefully I won't jinx myself for gleefully proclaiming this on my blog.  Even if it was hot and humid in CLT, I still logged 30 miles with my Charlotte Running Club friends over the course of 48 hours.  Despite the time change, I fell asleep at 10PM every night so I could magically get 8 hours of sleep every night while I was there. 

Billy was my trusty workout companion on Tuesday and we headed for the Dilworth Speed Loop for a 4 mile tempo.  After running sub-540 for the last 2 miles (with the assistance of a nice downhill to Freedom Park), we headed to East Blvd to do some hill repeats.  I felt like absolute death on the hill repeats and cut it short to 45 seconds instead of 60s.  

After two days of planning sessions with all of our teams at the Convention Center, I was more than ready to head home Wednesday night.  Gary, Pam and I headed to the airport and enjoyed some mexican together before boarding the plane to wait out a lightning delay.

Of course, after sitting on the plane for 7+ hours on Wednesday night, my run on Thursday was brutal and I slogged along, begging my legs to just move a little.  Yet, somehow my legs bounced back rather quickly on Friday morning and I was able to run a great 3x2 mile workout at Stanford.  It might have even been a workout PR for average time, but I'm not quite sure.  Shrug.

On Sunday, Natalie, Jay and JOB met up to do a 13 mile loop through Los Altos Hills.  It wasn't too terrible of a climb initially, but my legs were begging for mercy early on.  Jay and I hung about 4 strides back from Natalie and JOB, who seemed to be feeling great.  With some high mileage on our tired legs, Jay and I continued pushing.  Once we hit the steepest climb, and after a slight detour trying to figure out the route, we all were back together again in a pack before we started the marathon pace portion.  Natalie took off and I hung back, not wanting to destroy my quads too terribly on the downhills.  By the time we hit downtown Los Altos, it was flat again, and the running gods forced Natalie to stop at a light, which allowed me to make up those 3 seconds she had on me.  For the rest of the run, we pushed each other to run a 540 last mile which was totally fun!  

Overall, this was a great week. It's a lot easier to get in the work if you're doing it with friends, that's for sure!