Week in Review: 5/28/18

This week's stats:

  • 72 miles with 2 doubles
  • 10M with 45 minutes of 30s on / 2:30 off for splits of 631/626/626/629/646/625
  • 12M MLR
  • 9M with 45 min of 45s on / 2:15 off for splits of 634/628/634/633/635/628/630
  • 12M MLR with 4M @ 635-645, 4 miles of 1 min on/off in 613 ave, 4M tempo in 613/611/603/556
Just a lil bike ride on Memorial Day!

Just a lil bike ride on Memorial Day!

Sometimes the universe just aligns itself so that you have a regular training buddy.  That's definitely what happened this week.  Tania is injured with a mystery hip issue, and that means that Job is eager to run with me.  I'm totally cool knowing that I'm his #2 priority.  I'm never gonna complain about company on a run!  This week was my first week back to "real" training since the Vancouver Half.  I started out with two fartlek variation workouts, all based on effort, without looking at the watch to check paces.  I had Jay help out for one, and Job for another.  It was a win-win situation for all as each of us are targeting races in early October.  

Even though it was quite warm on a workout day and on the long run day, I still came away feeling really happy with my effort this week.  I'm definitely starting to get excited for the summer of training!  The week was nice because of the Memorial Day holiday, which allowed me to get in a bike ride with Peter on Arastadero!