02.11.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

  • 46 Miles

  • 12M MLR

  • 2 days off for glute / TFL

  • 13M “LR”

  • 2 massages, 2 PT sessions, 1 chiro session for graston

  • 2 lift sessions

With less than 9 weeks until the Boston Marathon, this wasn’t exactly the best way to kick off my second week of marathon training. After coming off such a high from last week, it seemed to all come crumbling down this week.

After last Sunday’s easy 20 miler, my glute was really tight. On Monday, I was able to run 8 slower miles with Jenna. On Tuesday, 12 miles. But I tried to do some strides after that Tuesday MLR, and it was ugly. It felt like my hamstring was going to rip off from my glute. It was definitely not right. I decided to take a couple days off, hit it hard with PT and soft tissue work.

The assessment from Jamie at Agile Physical Therapy was that I was much stronger than over a year ago when I last seen year. It was relieving to hear that all the hard work in the weight room has paid off at least in some small way. The only thing she found is that I’m weaker in my left glute med than my right. So we’re focusing on the some single leg marches, single leg squats with the swiss ball to make sure my knee doesn’t cave in, anti-rotation abs, and holding a side lying leg raise for 3 minutes on my left and 2 minutes on my right. There’s really just 4-6 exercises I have to add to already versatile training program, but I’ve been diligently doing them every day.

After two days off, I decided on Friday to do a four mile run…then on Saturday 8 miles, and on Sunday 13 miles. I would put my leg at 90% after these runs, although it’s still not exactly 100% healed. I am confident it will get there. The only thing that’s tough to do with my leg is to run faster. I can do everything else, every move in the weight room, lateral jumps with a hold at the end, everything! It’s so weird.

Really hoping that by next week I can put together a solid week,