02.25.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

After coming off a stomach bug, I honestly had no freaking idea what this week would look like. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get in a decent workout. By all accounts, this week went 100x better than I could have ever guessed. After testing the waters with easy runs on both Monday and Tuesday this week, Jenna and I met up on Wednesday to attempt my first workout in a week. Unsure of how the stomach virus would affect me, we scaled back the paces for the workout and decided to run 6:00 pace for 2KM, with 400m jog rest. Long story short, we absolutely crushed it. We consistently ran 553-557 pace, even with 2-3 reps into some very nasty headwinds.

Then, just three days later, Jenna and I met up again for my first attempt at a long marathon pace tempo since like fall of 2017. We absolutely crushed that. With a light rain the entire time, we averaged 608 pace, with our fastest mile in the very end.

In case we hadn’t had enough, twenty four hours later, we ran 21 miles at Canada Road with Tom, Max, Jeannette and Mara. The pace actually was pretty good considering we had a hard effort the day before. After about 7 miles, all of our splits were sub-700 on a hilly route.

Outside of running, I had two legit lifting sessions and have been really consistent not just about lifting, but also completing my prehab exercises to strengthen my left glute medius. Additionally, I’ve been fortunate enough to get soft tissue work from Jenna and acupuncture from SMI in Palo Alto.

The last two weeks might not have been ideal, but it certainly doesn’t seem like my fitness was affected by the missed miles. Onward and upward!!!