04.01.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:


It’s officially taper time! And Jenna is back from a 2.5 week trip to Europe! It was great to kick off the week with a workout on the track with her, even if it felt super hard. The workout on paper doesn’t look too bad - alternating 400s at 78-80 and 95-100. But, it’s super hard because the average paces come out fairly close to what your race pace could be in an 8KM. I was surprised to struggle to hit 80s on the fast ones. The rest if very quick and I think just the last two weeks of training caught up with me.

On Saturday, Jenna, Rachel and I did a little progression together, which felt super easy to me. This also explains why the paces were so hot, I think both Jenna and i were itching to go faster in the early parts of the tempo. Once we got down towards 600 pace, it did feel much more comfortable and easier to maintain a more even pace.

Can’t believe that we’ve got just 8 more days until Boston! I’m ready and excited!