Week in Review: Oct 30, 2017

This week's stats:

  • 53 Miles
  • 10M with 4 x (4x400m) @ 83 - 77s with 60s rest in sets, 400m jog between sets 
  • 12M MLR
  • 2 Lift Sessions
  • 2 Climb Sessions

After just 10 days back into running, I decided to hop onto the track this week for the first workout post-marathon.  Without really any clue what was on tap for the Tuesday evening Strava Track Club workout, I showed up and found out that Victoria had some 400m repeats.  That sounded much more manageable for me, considering that I was coming back from the marathon and also battling a pretty terrible cold.  The other STC ladies were doing 1000m repeats.  I found out later that the speedsters ran 3:10 down to 3:00.  As much as I'd like to wish that I am that fast, I'm not...at least right now.  Regardless, it was so fun running circles  with Victoria. 

Dena is so well connected throughout Silicon Valley that it offers us the chance to take advantage of some really great benefits.  Not only do we get to run on the Stanford track in lane 1 with the lights on, but we also get to lift at Performance Gaines every week and to use the training room at Sports Medicine Institute.  Since I like working out in the morning, and also have work travel every other week, I don't make it to Strava workouts that often.  I want to give back to club in some way, so this was my tiny way of trying to make up for missing basically all the practices so far this year.  

I spent the rest of week filling in the days with easy runs, and completed my second long run in a week with Jenna.  My cold lingered much longer than I expected, so it was smart to keep all runs easy.