Week in Review: 1/22/18

This week's stats:

  • 54 Miles
  • 14M progression tempo 645--> 555
  • 1 Rock climbing day
  • 1 weight lifting day

I am so behind on my blog that I don't even really remember what happened this week, except that I suffered from depression upon returning from my Costa Rican vacation.  Oh, wait, did I just admit that?  

It was rough transitioning back to the reality of working full-time, but California was nice enough to greet me with a seemingly endless summer and temps roughly the same as the balmy Costa Rican province.  

In an effort to run with Strava Track Club more, I decided to help out Natalie for her progression tempo on Saturday.  We ended up with quite a big group - Shal, Justin, Tom, Danielle - and I was able to dip below 6:00.  Coming back from vacation, I was really pleased that this effort felt so comfortable!