Week in Review: 1/29/18

This week's stats:

  • 70 Miles
  • 13M with 10M alternating paces via 627/557/624/557/618/553/615/546/626/552
  • 10M with 16 x 200m @ 35-36 with 200m jog in ~60s
  • 14.2M MLR with Tania and Job

All things considered, I'm in wayyyy better shape than I would have guessed.  This cycle, my goals are different, soI'm doing workouts that I don't normally do. Instead of trying to run a fast marathon, I'm trying to run a fast 5K or 10K on the track.  That means that I actually need to get out on the track and get these old wheels spinning.  

Just one week back from Costa Rica, and I crushed a ten mile wave tempo with Jay.  I was surprised at how easy it felt.  I hope that I can do this workout again in a few months and try for 610/540.  

The track workout on Friday was lots of fun.  Terry told me to go out slower - like 39, but I kept consistently hitting 35/36 so I just decided to stick with it.  It's been absolutely beautiful out, so that plays a big role in these times for me.  Even though I'm only two weeks into training for a track race, I feel pretty confident with these first steps!