Week in Review: 2/5/18

This week's stats:

  • 73 Miles
  • 12M with 10 x 800m alternating pace/rest via 240.3 (76), 236.3 (96), 243.7 (46), 235.0 (90), 245.3 (46), 233.5 (1:42), 241.2 (52), 232.0 (89), 244.4 (47), 234.0
  • 12M MLR
  • 17M LR with 8M progression in 628/624/619/614/614/608/605/553
  • 2 days in Big Sur
  • 2 weight lifting session
  • 1 rock climbing session

Last week, I did both my workouts faster than Terry prescribed.  This week, I continued with the theme of being way too fast, starting first with my 800m repeats at the Strava Track Club practice.  I did two repeats while the girls continued doing warmup things, and immediately was too fast out of the gate.  Terry said to run 2:45-2:47 for the slower repeats; I ran 2:40.  It felt pretty controlled, so I just went with it.   I forgot that this wasn't a marathon pace workout, and that I was about to be jumping on the track with some very speedy 5K runners. 

Ayla and Natalie joined on my number 3 repeat and we alternated leads. I took #3 and #4 and then we rotated from there. On number 6, Natalie or Ayla led and I felt like my legs might fall off. I wasn't looking at splits so I just knew roughly we were under 2:40....not that we were below 2:35.  I saw that later.  After that one though, I could tell I needed to run the "slower" repeat actually slower than 240, and we did...kind of. 

Then after number 8 I REALLY needed to go slower otherwise I felt like I would have to walk in to the finish on the 10th interval. I was really beginning to feel the lactate build up and my form felt all wacky. Ayla totally dusted me on numbers 8,9,10 and I felt like I was going really slow but I was not...I ran 2:34 via 76/78. Also, all of our splits were pretty even, except for that 10th one.  It wasn't that I saw slowing down as much as Ayla was getting much faster than me!

I can't remember the last time I ran this fast for 800m repeats. So, yeah, I was really pumped about that workout.

The rest of the week focused on easy running until a Saturday long run, where a group of us gathered again for a solid long run effort.  I felt pretty tired and didn't do 9-10 miles of tempo, and instead cut it down to the shorter option. Feeling good about my fitness still!