Week in Review: 2/12/18


This week's stats:

  • 72 Miles
  • 12M with 5 x mile via 541 (77), 547 (67), 537 (68), 541 (86), 533 for 1600m
  • 10M with 3x(400-300-200-100) with 400s @ 72-73, 300s @ 52-23, 200s @ 33-35, 100s @ 17-15 with 80s rest within sets, 3:00 rest between sets
  • 12.5M MLR with Michelle and Liz
  • 2 days at Wake Forest

I'm familiar with mile repeats.  There's a certain level of comfort that comes along with a workout that you've done regularly for the past decade as a post-collegiate runner.

But, tell me to run 100 meters all out?  Now, THAT is foreign.

In fact, the feeling of running 100 meters all out, as I did on Thursday this week, felt so foreign that I didn't even feel like I had control of my legs during the 15 seconds.  It felt as though my legs and arms were just flailing all around, with my neck stiffly upright, as I barreled down the  final straightaway to the finish line at Stanford's Cobb track.  Did I imagine that I was finishing a 5K race in the Stanford Invite? Damn right I did.  

While I'm on that topic.  I really, really want to run the Stanford Invite this year.  After seeing so many of my teammates make huge comebacks - like Allie Kieffer at NYC Marathon and Michelle Sikes at the indoor 3,000M - I decided to finally push aside various excuses  and to race on the track once and for all, this season.  I am ready to tackle new challenges, like breaking my track PRs from college and I'm confident I can do it.  Now, it's really hard to get into the Stanford Invite IF you have a recent mark.  It's probably damn near impossible to get into Stanford Invite if you don't have a track mark in, well, TEN YEARS.  Yeah, that's how long it's been since I ran a 5K, or 10K for that matter, on the oval.  That's where I hope that Dena is able to work her magic, and convince the track gate-keepers that I deserve to toe that starting line.  And if it doesn't work out, there is always the UCSF track race the same weekend.

After the unfamiliar track workout, I headed back to Wake Forest, where Michelle was getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was nice to not have any major long runs to worry about and to focus on my friends instead!