Week in Review: 2/19/18

This week's stats:

  • 80 Miles
  • 11M MLR 
  • 12M with 8x1000m via 319-321 with 2-230 rest
  • 10M with 13 x 200m via 34-35 with 60-75s jog rest
  • 15.3M long run easy 
  • 5 days in CLT

This week was exceptionally humid in Charlotte, and I didn't have company on my 1000m repeat workout that was very, very difficult.  I somehow managed to hit the times and persevere against my own negativity.  Even wearing my clunky training shoes (I mean really, who packs TWO pairs of running shoes on a work trip? Definitely not me), I hit the times and felt pretty good doing so.  After a long work week in CLT, I finally made it back to Cali, where I got to do a workout with Peter for the very first time!  He did the even numbered reps with me, which helped immensely!  Then on Sunday, I connected a whole group of speedy women to run long together!  It was a good week!