Week in Review: 3/12/18

This week's stats:

  • 71 miles
  • 13M with 4x(3x600m) @ 1:52-1:53 (74s per lap), 60-70s rest b/w reps, lap between sets
  • 10M MLR
  • 14M with 4 mile tempo in 22:30 via538/538/534/533
  • 11.4M MLR

There are some workouts where you just really, really surprise yourself, and you run faster times than you ever thought were possible. 

Reminder:  I am 32 years old. 

Don't be fooled.  Ayla blasted past all of us on the final set. :-)

Don't be fooled.  Ayla blasted past all of us on the final set. :-)

I ran times on Tuesday night at the Stanford track that might be as fast as I ran 11 years ago, back when I was representing Wake Forest.  I didn't double check in my college training log because sometimes not knowing makes it seem even sweeter.  

The workout with Strava Track Club on Tuesday was pretty special, not because I hit fast times for me, but because of the synergy on the track.  We had 6 women and 2 men running the same pace for the first three sets.  EIGHT PEOPLE running together, alternating leads to pace the whole crew, pushing each other to achieve dreams together.  Running track might be an individual sport, but having tough training partners sure does make it feel like a team sometimes. 

Even if we all separated a little during the fourth set, when the speedsters Ayla and Maya sped up, we each played a role in pushing the other, or at least making the effort feel a little bit easier.  

Tuesday's success was followed just three days later with another solid 4 mile tempo, where I think that I PR'ed for fastest 4 mile time.  Having Justin as a pacer helped tremendously, even though this was practically his marathon pace.  Looking forward to putting this newfound speed and fitness to the test!