Week in Review: 3/19/18

This week's stats:

  • 65 miles
  • 12.6M with 4 x mile repeats via 524/527/523/538 with 2-230 jog
  • 12.3M with 2x2.5M via 600/546/235 (3:00 jog) 549/543/235
  • 10M MLR
  • 2 lift days
  • 48 hours in CLT

Turns out that traveling while trying to train is still pretty hard.  But, not impossible.  Since I was in Charlotte from Monday to Wednesday this week, I pushed my workout to Friday.  This proved to be smart because Strava was doing a very similar workout (2 x 2 miles), and I tacked on with Victoria for warmup and the first 800m of the hard part.  It was pretty fun running the last half mile at a fast pace and it left me with the confidence I need going in to the first 10,000m I've done on the track in a decade.