Week in Review: 4/23/18

This week's stats:

  • 70 Miles
  • 14M with 3 x 2 mile with Jenna via 546/543 (2:06), 548/547 (2:06), 554/547, 1M jog, 800m in 2:44
  • 12M MLR
  • 14M with 5M via 607/605/602/559/547
Hauling all my belongings a half mile to my new house!

Hauling all my belongings a half mile to my new house!

With just 7 days until the Vancouver Half, it was time to focus on just getting in the workouts while also packing up my stuff and moving into a new place!  Even though I only moved a half mile from my old Stierlin Road house, it still is a lot of work to pack up, haul it over and then unpack.  But, ever since I moved from North Carolina, I realized that there is lot of stuff you just don't actually need, so I was able to fit everything but my bed into my car!  Then Jason strapped my mattress onto the roof of his Ford Explorer and - viola! - all my stuff was in the new place!  Also, since Stierlin was furnished with all the kitchen needs, I realized there were all sorts of little things - such as dishes, glasses, scissors, etc - that I needed to buy.  So, after several trips to the store and lots of help from friends, we finally moved in to our own place. We even had time to be social and head up to Oakland for Athena's birthday party.  Even more impressive, we were able to have the house in good enough shape to host my sister on Sunday night!  I'm definitely glad the move is done before I head to Vancouver.