1.28.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

  • 3 days off (Mon - Wed)

  • rest of days easy

  • 3 lift days

  • 2 abs sessions

I kicked off this week with a mini break. I figured it’d be best to take some days off before I start training specifically for the Boston Marathon. So, I took three days off, slept in a lot, spent more time with the doggo and lifted a bunch! I wanted to use this week to get used to the routine of lifting 2-3 times and doing ancillary exercises on the non-lift days. I achieved that goal for this week and hope that I can find the motivation to sustain through the rest of the marathon cycle.

On Sunday, while most of my training partners ran at the Kaiser Half in SF, Jenna, Gene and I ran in pouring rain around the Portola Loop. Ready to kick off the marathon cycle tomorrow!