1.21.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

  • 71 miles with 1 double

  • 10.5M with 3x~2400m via alternating ~220m/200m at 55-57/35-36 with 400m jog

  • 12M MLR with Natalie

  • 10.5M with 2x3M as part of race: 1st 3M @ 17:30, and the 2nd 3.1M @ 1815

  • 13M MLR with Jenna and Victoria

  • 2 Lift days

Hey - it’s my first full week at home in 2019! It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend to kick off the week. I had time to actually get in 2 lift sessions + some additional ab work throughout the week. It’s crazy to see how much more I can get done when staying put.

On Tuesday, Marissa and I crushed another speed work session together, but I added on an extra set to get some more distance in my legs. We had a workout of 3 x 1.5M in lane 4 (so actually a little more than 1.5 miles), where we ran the first half at a moderate pace and the last 200m @ faster. We ran really quick on the 200s - like 35s and 36s! It didn’t feel too hard until the last set and then I regretted doing a third set. It’s hard to believe that at some point a few years ago, I did this same type of workout, but continuously for 8KM!

The weekend was kicked off with a diabetes race that Tom had invited us to in an effort to support his awesome son John. Rachel, Jenna, Natalie, Tom and I all ran the race together and then got some brunch afterwards! Rachel is training for a 30KM race in Japan in mid-February so I added on another 3M segment with her along the bay trail. The workout didn’t feel nearly as easy as I would have liked, but I’ve got 10 weeks to get into shape for Boston.

At the early start of next week, I’m taking 3 days off to just feel a little rejuvenated before hopping in to marathon specific training.