1.14.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

  • 67 miles with one day off and one double

  • 10.5M with 4 x mile via 1200m ~79-82, last 400m @ 75-76, 400m jog… with overall splits of 522, 517, 515, ??

  • 91 min MLR

  • 18M long run with 11M easy, 4M @ 606/637/607/639, 2M easy, 1M @ 558, 1M @ 624

  • 1 Lift Day

  • 3 days in LA

I kicked off this week local, which meant that I could join the Strava team for the workout! Marissa is a perfect fit for me and we are able to both push each other on the track. This week’s workout was really fun - basically mile repeats with the last 400m fast. Marissa and I were really able to unleash some speed that, quite frankly, I had no idea could be there at this point. We ran lots of 76/75s splits for the last 400, which was a ton of fun. I was really glad that I did this workout, even if it was so late in the evening and dark out.

After a really slow Medium long run the following day, I flew to LA in the evening to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It’s the 4th year in a row that I’ve been there for her birthday and I’d like to keep the tradition alive. I landed in orange county and we drove straight up to LA to get ready to go out to see a DJ my sister wanted to hear. Long story short, we were out until 3AM and I didn’t get to sleep until 330AM. Even though my sister is 8 years older than me, she can outlast me at any nightlife event, hands down. Fortunately, we spent all of Thursday recovering at the Korean Spa.

After returning on Saturday, I had already organized a giant crew for a long run on Sunday at Canada Road. We had about 8-9 people, and more women than men, which was a first!

Our long run crew: Teresa, Liza, me, Tom, Emily, Max, Jenna & Teresa’s hubby

Our long run crew: Teresa, Liza, me, Tom, Emily, Max, Jenna & Teresa’s hubby