1.7.19 Week in Review

This week’s stats:

  • 67 Miles

  • 11M with 8x800m repeats via (800m @ 241-241, 45s jog, 800m@ 238, 90s jog)

  • 12M MLR

  • 16.8 with Jenna & Shal via: 2 EZ, 2 @ 627/615, 6 EZ, 6 @ 600-555, .8M EZ

  • 3 days in CLT

  • 1 Lift Session

With about 14 weeks left until Boston, the plan is to hop in long run workouts with friends and to do the Strava Track Club workouts on Tuesdays. I’m keeping the mileage in the 60-70 mile range. Hopefully this will ensure that I peak at the perfect time…during the Boston Marathon!

I spent the first 3 days of the week traveling to and working from Charlotte, NC. With the help of Billy and Paula, I did 800m repeats on the track. Even though the times weren’t as fast as other times I’ve done this workout, I felt really encouraged by the results. I’m fitter and faster than I expected to be at this point in my training, which is exactly one week in. :-)

After a long flight back to SFO on Wednesday night, I jumped right back into the swing of things by doing a 90 minute medium long run (MLR) with Jenna. By Saturday, Jenna and I were back at it again with Shal, helping her with a workout that she had tap, which aligned nicely with what Jenna and I wanted to do as well.